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Foreign Affairs Office Of Qiannan Had Invited Consulate Officials To The Seventh Summit Of Tourism Development

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On May 28th ~ 29th of 2015, the seventh summit of tourism development was held in Qiannan and 11 activities in cultural week of "Libo. China" was

ongoing at the same time.

According to the organizing Committee, we foreign affairs office were responsible for inviting the consulate officials to attend the meeting.

We had invited consul and vice consul of Kampuchea, Thailand, and Malaysia consulate in Kunming and provided services for the activities in Libo.

The tourism development conference had a theme of "World Heritage Libo. Health Travel: a model for the harmonious development of man and

nature". Leaders at all levels, guests of Chinese and foreign countries and many tourists were attracted and gathered in Libo to boost the

development of tourism and cultural industries. It enhanced the visibility and reputation of the local greatly.

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