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Tea Skills Competition For "Tea Fairies" Was Started In Duyun

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On June 2nd, the tea vocational skills contest of 2016 in Guizhou Province (Qiannan preliminaries) with the theme of “Improving Tea Skills To Celebrate the 60 Year Anniversary Of Qiannan Statehood” was held in the auditorium of qiannan normal college for nationalities in order to promote the brand value of Duyun Maojian Tea. The deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee, Yang Zhuping attended the ceremony.

The contest was divided into groups and individual tournaments both with two stages, i.e preliminaries and finals. There were 20 branches for the individual competition and 21 teams for group competition and the players were pretty girls (tea fairies) from Anhui Agricultural University and Guizhou University ect. They won over the judges and audience with their good performance. 

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