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A Survey of South Guizhou

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Qiannan, or South Guizhou, whose people have made great achievements, is famous for its rich tourist resources.The Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of South Guizhou(or “Qiannan Prefecture”) was founded in 1956, governing two cities(Duyun and Fuquan), and ten counties (Weng’an, Longli, Guiding, Changshun, Huishui, Pingtang, Luodian, Libo, Sandu, and Dushan). Duyun City, where the prefectural government is situated, is the political, economic, and cultureal centre of the prefecture.

Lying to the north of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and in the Southern part of Guizhou Province, Qiannan, which is abundant in natural and social resources, is the passageway to the two”Guang”s (Guangxi and Guangdong), called the “South Gate” of Guizhou’s culture and tourism. In the prefecture, there are 3,890,000 people of thirty-seven ethnic groups, including Han, Bouyei, Miao, Shui, Yao, Zhang, Dong, Maonan, Gelao, and others, among which 54% are minorities. Their customs, songs and dances play an important role in the tourism development of Guizhou Province.

Qiannan prefecture is 249.5 kilometres in length from north to south, and 207.6 kilometres in width from east to west, covering 26,197 square kilometers, just 14% of the total areas of Guizhou Province. Its physiognomy is of karst formation with many gorges at different altitudes, and 110 rivers in all directions, whose total drainage area is 7,600 square kilometres.

The prefecture lies in the sloping terrain of the southeast areas of the Yun-Gui (Yunnan-Guizhou) plateaus at an elevation of 997 metres on an average. The northwest is higher than the southeast, where the mountains are fewer,w hile the hills are nore abundant near Guangxi. The temperatures and rainfall on an average are 13.6~19.6 and 1,100~1,400 mm. It is neither too chilly in winter nor too torrid in summer, with the rainy and hot seasons arriving both at the same time. The climate is typically warm-and-wet subtropical monsoon, good for all sorts of animal and plants to flourish.

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