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Spring Farming Is Carrying Out Like a Raging Fire in Qiannan State

Author:Jamina Zhang Source:Qiannan State Government Websites  Time:2018-04-09  Browse: Size: Big Middle Small

Since this spring, farming is carrying out like a raging fire in Changshun, HuiShui and Longli of Qiannan State around "spring breeze action" to promote rural economic development and improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture.

Up to now, there are 22 vegetable bases in Changshun county, and the planting area of vegetable base is 12617 mu, and 9800 mu of vegetables have been planted in Changshun county.

They has already implemented the structural adjustment area of 280,000 mu and there are 19 various demonstration points in Huishui county .  

They has finished planting 4.35 million mu of vegetables and finished the planting of 281 million mu of pear, 249 thousand sticks of edible fungus and 2750 mu of honeysuckle in Longli county.

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